Advocating for Compassionate Policies for Hoosier Families

The Indiana Reproductive Justice Coalition works to leverage the capacity of our member organizations to champion gains in reproductive justice to Indiana. To do this work, we will engage communities across the state to determine their needs and mobilize them to take action on a range of civic and community issues. We will also work with our elected officials to ensure that candidates, legislators, and legislation meet the needs of all Hoosiers and their families.

The Framework of Our Work

We acknowledge that the concept and framework of reproductive justice was first introduced by the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective. We base our actions and organizing on the three main tenets of reproductive justice — that all people have:

  1. The right to decide if and when to have children and the conditions under which they will give birth.

  2. The right to decide not to have children, and the right to access options to prevent or end a pregnancy.

  3. The right to parent children and raise families with the necessary social supports in safe environments and healthy communities, and without fear of violence from individuals or the government.

We recognize that in this struggle, we must center the needs and work of Indiana’s most marginalized communities in order to make sure that the justice we seek is for all and not just a privileged few. Oppressions are intersecting, and our work must be as well.

For press inquiries, or to get involved please contact us!